1/.044″ Cu/PVC Solid 250/440 V Earthing Cable


BSS 2004 compliant premium high quality imperial style electric cable coil commonly used for earthing purpose in general house and office wiring.

Product Details for 1/.044" Cu/PVC Solid 250/440 V Earthing Cable

1/44 or more correctly 1/0.044″ is classic imperial British Standard 2004 compliant electric cable used for earthing in houses, offices and commercial buildings. You may not want to compromise on the quality of this cable as this cable protects you from electric shocks.

1/0.044″ cable from Unicore Cables is manufactured with standard high quality and occasionally tested by PCSIR and UET laboratories in addition to the routine in-house tests. Our production staff is careful and highly experienced and sufficiently capable to ensure the application of quality procedures during the manufacturing of the cable.

The use of 99% pure high quality properly drawn and annealed copper conductor in electric cables by Unicore Cables ensures very low electric resistance and makes sure that the current flows in the wires without creating much heat. Twisted strands in our manufactured cables offer best electrical characteristics and reduce the chances of short circuit to very low.

1/0.044″ consists of solid class-1 conductor and cannot be twisted as there is only one strand of copper. For all other copper class-2, class-5, class-6 conductors, we do the twisting to ensure the cable exhibits the safest experience.

1/0.044″ cable is insulated with PVC material. PVC insulated electric wires are widely used in Pakistan with the advantages of excellent electric properties, ability to resist short circuit, very long service life of 20 years or more, easy to install, operate and maintain, etc. This wire is mainly suitable for earthing.

What’s in the box?

The packing contains 1 coil of 1/0.044″ Cable of 90 meters length of your specified color. The coil is properly packed in card board box and properly wrapped with heat shrink wrap to minimize any damage to the box caused by mishandling in transport.

Additional Information
Brand Name Unicore Cables
Cable Identification Stamp 1/0.044" S/C SOLID CU/PVC 250/440 V ELECTRIC CABLE
Cable Type Earthing Cable
Cores Single Core (Multi Core Available on Demand)
Standard Weight 1.35 Kg
Colors Green (Other Colors Available on Demand)
Standard Packing Length 90 meters (Custom Packing Available)
Conductor Class Solid (Single Strand Copper Conductor)
Cable Life Usually 20 Years or more
Application Earthing, in house, office, commercial or industrial wiring.
Cable Shape Round (or Flat in 2 Core Cables)
Country of Origin Pakistan
Nearest Metric Size 1 mm² Solid
No. of Strands 1
Single Strand Diameter 1.12 mm
Conductor Type Copper
Conductor Purity 99%
Insulation Type PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Insulation Thickness 0.70 mm
Standard Cable Diameter 2.52 mm
Applicable Standard(s) BS 3360 & BS 2004
Temperature Rating -20° C to 70° C
DC Resistance 18.29 OHM/KM at 20?° C
Voltage Rating 250/440 V
Ampere Rating 9 Amps (estimated, may differ significantly according to circumstances)