What is 7/64 wire size in mm?

Wire gauge is a standardized measurement of the diameter of wire, often used in the electrical and manufacturing industries. The 7/64 wire size is a commonly used wire gauge measurement in these industries.

Asking about the 7/64 wire size is a vague question. It may refer to single strand diameter, bunched conductor diameter or the overall diameter of the wire, but generally it refers to the cross sectional area of the bunched/twisted conductor. The calculated cross sectional area which refers to the 7/64 wire size in mm is 14.53 mm² that is very close to the standard cable size of 16 mm² wire commonly used as a modern alternative of 7/64 wire.

However, if you are interested in other measurements and complete technical details of the 7/64 wire, we have compiled a complete list of 7/64 cable’s technical details and other helpful data.

Cable Identification Stamp 7/0.064″ S/C CU/PVC 250/440 V ELECTRIC CABLE
Cable Type Classic / Imperial Wiring Cable
Cores 1 to 4
Conductor Class Stranded (Multi-Strand Twisted Copper)
Cable Life Usually 20 Years or more
Application House, office, commercial or industrial Electrical wiring.
Calculated Cross-Sectional Area 14.53 mm²
Nearest Metric Size 16 mm² Std.
No. of Copper Strands 7 Twisted Copper Strands in Each Core
Single Strand Size 0.064 inches (or 1.63 mm)
Bunched Conductor Outer Diameter 0.19 inches (or 4.88 mm)
Insulation Thickness 0.04 inches (or 1.02 mm)
Single Core Overall Diameter 0.272 inches (or 6.92 mm)
Conductor Type Copper or Aluminium
Insulation Type PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Applicable Standards BS 3360 & BS 2004
Temperature Rating -20° C to 70° C
DC Resistance 1.23 OHM/KM at 20° C
Voltage Rating 250/440 V (also available in 660/1100 V)
Ampere Rating 53 Amps (estimated, may differ significantly according to circumstances)
Technical Details of 7/.064″ Wire